Our Story

A kid with a dream, a pastor with a plan

Meet Deb and Allysa— in early 2018, the Battlefords faced eight suicides in seven weeks. The losses deeply impacted our community and connected the hearts of Allysa and Deb. Together, they healed by creating the Better Together T-shirt Project. Their vision was to connect generations by having them wear and share the message "We truly are Better Together. Connected communities are healthy communities." Community members wore Better Together t-shirts looking for logo matches on Tuesdays. The project began with 300 students and seniors and has expanded to over 55,000 shirts worn across the country. The outcomes of these connections are: mutual understanding, improved feelings of well-being, decreased loneliness, satisfaction from sharing knowledge and experience, and enhanced social cohesion.

The University of Regina College of Journalism created a documentary that shares our story. Watch the documentary below.

Part 1, Video 1

Part 1, Video 2

Part 1, Video 3

Part 2, Video 1

Part 2, Video 2

Part 3, Video 1

Part 3, Video 2

Part 3, Video 3

Better Together Tuesday

Where are we now?

While working on the Better Together T-Shirt Project, Alyssa Woodrow was named Battlefords Junior Citizen of the Year and CTV Hometown Hero. She also received the SaskTel Indigenous Youth Award of Excellence in Community Service and the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award.

Today, Allysa is a student at the First Nations University of Canada in Regina, SK studying Indigenous Social Work. She also has a small business selling traditional beadwork with her mom. We are so proud of her and can’t wait to see how she changes her world next!

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Deb McNabb is overseeing Better Together SK Clothing. Deb is a passionate wife, mother, nana, and friend. Her life overflows with wisdom and insights gained from a lifetime of love, ministry, and community investment. She is retired from full-time church ministry and is focused on spreading the message of Better Together and being the best nana ever!